Egypt’s North Coast summer resorts dwell into winter hibernation for eight months every year.  By mid September the bustle dims, the crowds dwindle and residential units lose their outside splendor.  All the symptoms indicate the nearing of the closing down of the North Coast for the winter. From October to May, it’s hibernation.

Temperature drop down, heavy rain drenches the North Coast and stormy weather keeps a grip on the hardly protected chalets from November till February.  Early February marks the start of the Coptic month of Amshir, which is infamous for its blustery, sandy storms, that keeps blowing till Mid May. Water leakage, corrosion, windows damage, piles of sand breaks in your summer home to stay.

You summer home is far from being protected for this kind of weather. It needs to be “Winterized”

So what exactly does winterizing involve? Winterizing encompasses a range of tasks that are simply geared toward preparing for the winter.

  • Move in/move out Cleaning and close off each room.
  • Clean and protect mattresses and furniture by wrapping everything in plastic.
  • Store and wrap outdoor furniture and cushions, grills, hoses, and other accessories bicycles.
  • Storing of china, silver and utensils in boxes.
  • Caulk or apply Weather-stripping for doors, windows and gaps.
  • Unplug all appliances and Turn off all circuit breakers.
  • Remove satellite dish and store it.
  • Shut off the water at the main valve and drain remaining water.
  • Turn off the gas supply.
  • Take the last load of garbage to the dump and store garbage cans.


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