Floor Polishing

Floor Polishing

Wooden Floor

Think about the beating your wood floors endure on a daily basis: high heels, pet nails, children’s toys, and shifting furniture, to name a few! Tough as wood floors may be, their finish is still susceptible to scratches and scuffs. Refinishing—the process of sanding floors down entirely to apply a new surface finish—is costly and really only necessary every few decades. But polishing with a product specifically formulated for your floors is an easy, inexpensive way to regain shine, even out imperfections, and extend the life of your handsome hardwood

Marble Floor

Marble stone floors have a natural beauty that adds a touch of style and luxury to many homes and businesses.
These natural stone floors are an expensive investment and need regular cleaning, polishing and maintenance to keep them in good condition.
Marble floors, without the correct level of cleaning and maintenance will deteriorate over time, losing their original high gloss finish, and become lifeless, dull and dirty. This is usually due to continuous foot traffic grinding dirt and grit into the floor, creating scratches which reduce the floor's natural reflective properties.
Marble floor cleaning and restoration depends on the type, finish and condition of the floor.

Granite Floor

Granite floors are far harder than marble floors. This is one reason that makes polishing these floors difficult. Granite floors definitely have high durability, but this doesn't mean that they are free from scratches, dust, oil deposits, or stains.
Rust stains can usually be removed using special removers or detergents, but scratches are an entirely different story. Cleaning granite floors with chemical agents is a common practice, but if there are scratches on the surface, then physical polishing methods are highly recommended instead of cleaning with detergents.
To help you keep the original look, our specialist granite polisher will make your floor look beautiful glossy, giving you a "just like new finish"


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